Imagine if you were part of a community that had almost unlimited resources to invest in community assets, people and nature Imagine new kinds of businesses and ‘banks’ being the…

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Regenerative Ownership – A New Solution For The New Economy

Regenerative ownership re-balances the benefits of ownership between you, me and us in an equitable way by replenishing human and natural capital and reconnecting wealth creation with the common good.

Rather than focusing on individual companies or the ethical largesse of individuals for a solution to the systemic financial and economic issues we face, this new architecture focuses on building a parallel and expanding economic system as a sub-zone within the market. (more…)

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What If?

What if we were able to transform the landscape of capitalism without undermining enterprise and private ownership? What if we were able to mutualize the market rather than individual companies?…

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Whats The Problem? What’s Our Solution?


  • Wealth Creation has become disconnected from wellbeing and the common good.
  • The existing economic model is increasingly degrading the human and natural capital that we depend upon and is consequently becoming dysfunctional, dehumanized and unsustainable.
  • Markets have no systemic mechanism for replenishing the value extracted from people, place or planet.


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