The 3 Virtuous Circles – Managing Surplus for Community Benefit

Sharing surplus in the right way creates three transformative cycles of motivation, investment and capability

  • When enterprise’s directors issue surplus profit:
    • They get a share because they are co-workers
    • All co-workers get a share
    • The investment and development funds receive income
  • Directors salaries and bonuses are agreed with Civil Ecology Corporation (CEC)
    • If Directors want a bonus they have to issue surplus profit
    • Controlling Directors pay sets limits on all pay
  • Sharing profit makes profitability everyone’s concern
    • Co-workers motivated to manage costs – as if it was their own money
    • Co-workers motivated to drive sales as they will benefit
  • Profit share bonus received through CEC
    • Makes the CEC relevant to everyone
    • Provides a hook to join and be interested
  • Funding the democratic governance of CEC
  • Enterprise performance is transparently available to co-workers via CEC website.
  • A separate enterprise founded and controlled by Civil Ecology Corporation (CEC)
  • Performance managed
  • Funded by
    • Profit from mature CEC enterprises
    • Social investment grants
    • Selling social investment bonds
  • Funding
    • Start-ups in the CEC
    • Buying enterprises into the CEC
    • Providing loans to enterprises in the CEC
  • With the purpose of expanding the commercial enterprise of the CEC
  • With the intention of providing ethical investment banking service
  • Funding training, research and consultancy
    • In collaboration with the Civil Society Forum (CSF)
    • The CSF Forum provides opportunity for research, spaces to think, places to meet and seek collaborators, peer-group support.
    • The CSF College provides co-worker training in the Civil Ecology Corporation (CEC), ethical business training, leadership training
    • The CSF Agency provides Commons based business consultancy across a broad range of needs: business transformation, crisis management, sales development, and so on
  • Sharing information
    • Internal and external websites explaining and promoting
    • Sharing and explaining financial information
  • Funding the Cultural Realm
    • Education, health and the arts
    • All provide development opportunities and spiritual nourishment for human beings
    • All require funding to be ensure they are accessible
  • Growing the capacity of the CEC to grow
    • Supporting co-workers to do a better job
    • Developing the skill, capacity and capability of co-workers.

Surplus profit drives development
Three Fold Money Cycles

Profit shared with co-workers is “feeling” money, invested is “will money” and supporting development of capability is “thinking money”.