And there are four specific areas where we are looking for your help in establishing the Elysia Commons Society

Building the Buzz

If you have IT or social media skills then please get in touch as we need to need to make our social media presence felt and our website super-clear and easy to understand.

Attracting Ethical Owners

If you have an organisation that you want to bring into the Elysia Commons, or if you know about finance and corporate brokerage and want to help then please also get in touch too.

Funding the First Commons Society

The Elysia Commons Society is the first if its kind and we can get it off to a flying start through fundraising.  Our initial funding goal is £10,000 to pay for legal fees and then a further £200,000 for professional and brokerage advice and for a team to establish the administrative, management, communication and governance arm of the network that can make this all happen.  If you are good at fundraising or have funds you would like to provide or know of grants we can apply for then please get in touch.

Advisory Board

If you have appropriate experience and skills to be part of the team overseeing the founding of the first of what we hope will be a series of Commons Societies we would like to hear from you

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