Not For Profit Organisations in the Commons Society

Social / ethical enterprises or charities are able to join the Commons Societ by mutual agreement.

It is important for the Commons Society that such organisations do join as they provide a counter-balance to the for-profit organisations.

Why bring not-for-profit Organisations into the Commons Society?

  • You can apply for funding from the Cultural Development funds.
  • The organisations funding you will know you through the internal Commons Society communications, thus strengthening the experience and sense of community
  • The Commons Society provides an additional purpose lock to protect the not-for-profit
  • The Commons Society can provide an asset lock for non-charitable social enterprises
  • The team have access to the same training and self development opportunities in the for-profits

What is the Commons Society Foundation?

This is the umbrella fund for the Commons Society into which the 30% cultural share of the distributed profit is paid.  The Board of this Foundation is then responsible for distributing its funds amongst subsidiary organisations that directly support the cultural / social development of the Commons Society.

The Subsidiary Cultural Development Organisations

  • Commons Society Education Trust
  • Commons Society Health
  • Commons Society Foundation for the Arts
  • The Commons Society Social Development Trust – responsible for sharing the Commons Society model with the wider community