Tangible Assets (Land and Property)

  • Held in common ownership through mutualisation
  • Economically sustainable financial return
    • Asset backed
    • Rent provides sustainable income
    • Real financial return
  • Members (investors) share ownership for the means of production of the real economy (its foundations)
  • Held in separate property-only organisations
  • Simple to run as organisations cannot trade – reduces risk through simplified operations
  • Property cannot be borrowed against, except for the purpose of purchasing the property

Investment opportunity that allows personal wealth to contribute to the development of the commons

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Investor community enriches the community of the Commons Society

  • Tangible assets are locked by the CSoc*and / or appropriate charities through Custodian Trusteeship
  • Purpose is locked as appropriate for the property, by the CSoc and / or appropriate charities through custodian trustees
  • Directors are elected by members – one person one vote
  • Shareholders are eligible to join the CSoc
  • Shareholders are interested in the performance of the company and will hold Directors to account
  • Potential “warmth body” for the tenant enterprises
    • Investors may be interested to hear about tenants, particularly with farms and so on
    • Investors may become customers of tenants

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