The Commons Equity Society is only one of many contributions to the movement to renew and heal our economic and social life.  It seeks to make a positive difference to the place of work and creates positive feedback loops that ensure its good effects keep on growing.

How The Commons Equity Society Works

The diagram below explains the Commons Equity Society from the personal perspective of “you”.  It shows the decisions that the individual can make and the consequences of those decisions. For example, suppose you decide to work in a company in the Commons Equity Society (for example) that is part of the “economic” or for-profit sector.  This leads, in the end, to the company making profit, some of which is shared with you and the rest gets cycled back into the system to support its further development and growth.  As time passes you make a living and contribute to developing and improving your own organisation, fellow members of the Commons Equity Society and the community you live in.  The diagram shows how working in the Commons Equity Society makes a positive difference to you and everyone.

What is well-being?

Well-being means feeling OK, sometimes joyful, sad when appropriate, but able to cope with life and generally feeling fulfilled.  Studies have shown that work makes a significant contribution to feeling happy, in part because the most important factors in how we feel are connected with human relationships and work is full of relationships.  Work also provides people with opportunities to be creative and make a difference in the world.

What is “meaning explicit” and “meaning implicit”?

“Meaning explicit” refers to an occupation when the meaning is explicitly evident, eg health care or teaching.

“Meaning implicit” refers to an occupation where the task may seem meaningless but because the organisation is located in the Commons Equity Society the consequence of its success is good and bring meaning.  For example co-workers in an organisation selling and maintaining photocopiers might struggle  to see how they are directly helping the world to be a better place, but if the company is successful and in the Commons Equity Society then its surplus profit will drive the three virtuous well-being cycles including funding health, education and the arts.

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The Organisation of the  Commons Equity Society

The following chart outlines the organisational elements of the Commons Society that allow it to function in the manner shown above.

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