The Commons Society Capital Fund

The Capital Fund is a powerful transformative force that serves four purposes:

  1.  To enable owners of businesses held within the logic of a traditional company to bring their company into the Commons Society – for example for a managed succession.

  2.  To Invest in traditionally held for-profit companies which are for sale irrespective of the current owners future intentions in order to bring those organisations into the Commons Society.

  3.  To provide capital for existing Commons Society for-profit enterprises.

  4.  To provide start-up capital for entrepreneurs seeking to initiate a for profit enterprise within the Commons Society.

The Commons Society Capital Fund is currently exploring funding mechanism to kick start a pilot project. Expressions of interest are welcome from:

  1. Philanthropic Donors

  2. Crowd funding partners

  3. Venture Philanthropists

The Commons Society Capital Fund is set up as a Restricted Fund with an expert board focussed on its activities as an Economic Development Agency within the Commons Society.