An economic system that has been described as “unstable, unsustainable, unfair and unhappy” (i)


The Commons Society is a new model of company ownership, finance and distribution that potentially can address each of the above dysfunctions. It is a re-imagination of the mutual ownership tradition of Great Britain.

We are working to establish the first Commons Society – a new form of provident society if you will – that is not driven by the savings of individuals but by the on-going surpluses of for-profit mature companies. It involves a network of for-profit companies held by a charitable vehicle on behalf of the communities it serves. The organisation uses the profits from the companies to build, manage and protect the shared wealth and wellbeing of the community.

Our assertion is that we cannot have a wellbeing economy – that is more resilient, sustainable and fair – without a systemic change in the relationship between companies, finance institutions, charities and communities. ‘A Commons Society” can achieve this by harnessing the power of enterprise and channeling the surpluses that profitable companies create towards what we collectively most value. (ii)