How A Commons Society Builds A Resilient Town

A local Commons Equity Society creates a domestic economy in which everyone involved is personally invested – whatever their role. Sharing surplus profit in the right way creates transformative virtuous circles of motivation, investment and capability through a whole new level of civil society funding.

Imagine a town called Wellbeing where…

community wellbeing thrives. Its a place of quiet abundance because most  community organisations and services have the funding that they need because companies that are part of the towns Commons Equity Society – a network of employee owned companies –  routinely invest in the things that matter to people such as: schools; doctor’s surgeries; complementary health practices; community services; community buildings; high street shops and local enterprises both small and large, social and for-profit; local infrastructure; energy; land, farming and food. They do so not out of sense of any individual or board decision but but because of the legal structure of which they are a part that automatically distributes surpluses to create non-monetary human and environmental value.

Businesses that are a part of a Commons Equity Society become heroes of their community – no more need for loyalty schemes!

Imagine a circle of land around each town bought for community agriculture. Imagine land and property bought and held in perpetuity by the community so that land costs are taken out of the cost of housing and our children can afford homes once again.

Local voluntary, cultural  and environmental organisations can benefit every year from internal investment, from this community utility thereby creating inter-generational financial and cultural stability, flexibility and responsiveness to the evolving needs of the community and natural world.

Why wouldn’t you want to support companies that contribute to your community in this way?

A Commons Equity Society frees communities previously dependent upon government, philanthropy or corporate social responsibility. Supporting each other and protecting our environment is the natural consequence plus a revival of local democracy ensues because communities will have their own finance independent of government.