Old Dogs, New Tricks

We are publishing a series of blog posts that dip into a future in which the Commons Corporation has become part of life so that we can share how it will feel…

In this moment a member of the Elysia Commons on-boarding team is reflecting just before his day’s work begins on how fear isn’t part of his daily working life anymore…

Alan is waiting for his day’s meeting to start. He is part of the Elysia Commons on-boarding team and is reflecting on life as he waits to meet the Board of a company just brought into the Commons
Another day, another Board room and another set of Directors. It usually flowed easier these days. Probably shifted after that big FT feature on the “Commons Phenomenon” Alan reflected. Quite a view though, high up… London – spread out…was this really a phenomenon? It felt good – better than the old days felt. Alan could smell fear, he’d smelt it often enough, sometimes masked by a testosterone musk of bravado. Corporate takeovers. Then one day he’d snapped – a year off work. Thinking about it afterwards he realised that he’d experienced those mini-deaths far more personally than he ever thought… His bravado had crumbled too. What a crazy system he had realised eventually and wondered what to do next.
Saw an advert: recruiting acquisitions team, old dogs wanting to learn new tricks were sought. So he applied and got the job. It didn’t make sense at first, not completely, but it felt right so he kept his doubts to himself, a bit of the old bravado still lingering perhaps. In the end he understood. It’s simple. All he had to do was let go of the old logic – although not the skills – and the new logic came flooding in.
“So guys, good morning. I’m Alan James from the Elysia Commons on-boarding team and I’m here to welcome you to your new world. There’s so much to look forward to, I think you’re going to remember today as a really good day! So… first up, let’s run through the events that brought us all here and then we can introduce ourselves.” Another couple of hours and the smell of fear would have started to dissipate, replaced by a growing sense of wonder and surprise at the new world they had just entered, entered when Loake Templar was bought into the Elysia Commons.

Sebastian Parsons

Social entrepreneur: Designed and founded the Elysia Commons. Co-founded and leads Stockwood Community Benefit Society Ltd. Worked in and led charities such as The Biodynamic Agricultural Association and The English Symphony Orchestra. Business man: runs Liv.co.uk - the ethical online department store. Built the Dr.Hauschka brand in the UK.