Elysia Health Association

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Project Description

The Elysia Health Association helps both health care professionals and patients to understand the different anthropsophical medical and therapeutic techniques and groups in relation to each other, and how what is offered could be relevant and appropriate to individual people and problems.

Guides are available to lead patients towards practitioners and information to help them find their way into Anthroposophical health care.

For practitioners there is colleagueship in a professional community, resources and opportuities for professional development.

The motto of the Association is Healing, Learning, Being, Celebrating.  The healing, learning axis emphasises that illness offers a chance for self-learning and that wellness can be brought about through learning how to look after oneself.  The being, celebrating axis underlines the importance for healing work of calm supportive spaces and a contemplative inner-life.

The Elysia Health Association is an organ of the Elysia Commons Society.  It is an unincorporated association of people who have decided this impulse is important in the world.