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The Calyx Trust is responding to the human quest for knowledge and healing.

The trust’s main aim is to enliven and support individuals gain strength to face crisis, trauma or long term illness, by providing access to therapeutic treatments, creative activities and relevent trainings.

It’s task is to raise and channel funds to those actively seeking help to undertake or promote activities that support this aim.

The Objects of the Calyx Trust are the protection and advancement of the spiritual and emotional health of individuals with unresolved health conditions and life crisis, by the provision of the creative and therapeutic use of the arts, body therapies, nursing, councelling and psychotherapy and related medical treatment and by trainings to support the above, with special reference to the anthroposophical understanding of the human being and its resultant medical and therapeutic insights and by other charitable means that the trustees may from time to time think fit.

The Calyx Trust draws upon the advisory and consultative capacities of the Elysia Consortium of Social and Therapeutic Renewal to further its aims.

Office: Arden House, 52 Bowling Green Road, Stourbridge, DY8 3RZ

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