Why would people invest in this for low or no return?

  • For a saner world – a world in which prioritising the human makes sense
  • The existing economic model is broken. Many leaders of corporate and SME businesses not only recognise this but are looking for new ways forward. A Commons Society is a practical alternative that integrates the interests of all stakeholders with a systemic solution that reconnects enterprise and wealth creation with the common good.
  • In the face of potential future social and environmental breakdown, many business leaders are committed to a gradual evolutionary change that supports both enterprise and wellbeing for all rather than risking social disruption through business as usual. Incorporating a zone of enterprise within the free market based on the architecture of the Commons Society re-establishes legitimacy for both business and democracy.
  • This new network architecture incorporates businesses as engines of change to create a zone within the market that operates for the common good rather than extractive market mechanisms which feeds the accumulation of capital by a few and destabilises democracy
  • It comprises a practical mechanism for expanding wellbeing and civil society without the influence of governments, banks or shareholders

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