What happens if the Investment Fund buys a company and it becomes unprofitable? Isn’t that a big risk?

  • Some money may be lost but as a tree can lose a branch without dying so the Commons Society can withstand failure. When companies are part of a network if one company fails the impact is lessened for the community as a whole
  • A key component of the structure is that enterprises must be free – to succeed and to fail. The Commons Society is NOT a group structure where the Council is the ultimate authority. Each organisation is free to operate within the rules of the Commons Society – free to succeed through their brilliance and good fortune, and reciprocally, to fail because of their mistakes and bad luck.
  • But the network builds trust, supports collaboration, promotes goodwill – some would say these things all also generate good fortune!
  • All organisations face hard times – times when learning is rich – and the Commons Society is an additional potential funder, its economic funds taking the role of banker to the system – a banker that is truly invested in the success of its clients and its community!

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