Elysia Commons at Marmalade

A Journey to The Elysia Commons

In April 2015 the Ellysia Commons team presented the model as one of several events at the  Marmalade Social Enterprise Festival in Oxford. Our invitation to participants was to visit a business model from the future that we can help to build now.

What if we could …

  • Open up a completely new space between public and private ownership
  • Build a community wealth management system that invests in human and natural capital
  • Reconnect wealth creation with the common good

We invited participants to take a walk with us in the future of the Elysia Commons, to see how a diverse but structured network of organisations can carve out a wellbeing-zone in the economy working for the common good.  The team demonstrated how a systemic, associative network ,a nature-inspired meta-structure can transform our economy into a place where people and nature can flourish.

The Elysia Commons is a network of independent organisations within an inter-dependent structure which is owned and democratically managed by the co-workers of the organisations that belong to it.

Visit the event website here.

Sebastian Parsons

Social entrepreneur: Designed and founded the Elysia Commons. Co-founded and leads Stockwood Community Benefit Society Ltd. Worked in and led charities such as The Biodynamic Agricultural Association and The English Symphony Orchestra. Business man: runs Liv.co.uk - the ethical online department store. Built the Dr.Hauschka brand in the UK.