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Elysia Commons at Marmalade

A Journey to The Elysia Commons In April 2015 the Ellysia Commons team presented the model as one of several events at the  Marmalade Social Enterprise Festival in Oxford. Our invitation to participants was to visit a business model from the future that we can help to build now.

What If?

What if we were able to transform the landscape of capitalism without undermining enterprise and private ownership? What if we were able to mutualize the market rather than individual companies? What if we had automatic mechanisms in place that could manage surplus in a way that replenishes human and natural capital and manages shared wealth

Internet Radio Broadcast

We're happy to share that an interview with Sebastian Parsons, founder and designer of the Elysia Commons, Thursday the 8th April 2015 broadcast an interview on Lighthouse NetCast a new internet radio station. Visit